Types of Water Filters

There are numerous kinds of water filters available in the market today. They all claim to be able to filter water from every possible contaminant that could potentially be present in the water. The problem with these filters is that not all of them can truly do this, and some only do so to a limited extent. In this article, I will discuss what each water filter does and how they can be used to filter your water. After reading this article, you will know more about water filters and how they can help you make the best decision for yourself and your family.

How to Choose a Water Filter

A single step water filter works by reducing the main contaminants of water by a mechanical mechanism, an ionic process, or even a biological method. Some of the most common examples of these types of filters are multi-stage, sub-micron, multi-block, carbon block, and reverse osmosis filters. With a multi-step filter, the first step is to remove the sediment and other larger particles. The second step is to remove the large molecules of the water by using activated granular carbon material. The third step is to filter out the smaller molecules and replace them with the carbon blocks that have been purified. This is called as a multi-stage water purification method.

A carbon block filtration is also another type of multi-stage water filter. The first step in this type of filter is to remove the large water molecules by passing it through a semi-permeable filter. The next step is to pass the water through a carbon block that is designed to capture all of the small particles present in the water. Finally, the water passes through a large carbon filter, which is designed to remove any organic materials present in the water. These types of filters are also known as carbon granular activated carbon filters. Reverse osmosis is another type of filter that removes all of the tiny contaminants such as lead from your water supply. There are several different types of carbon filter available in the market, but they will all work the same way.